15 March 2012

DIY circle skirt tutorial! :) with easy steps!

Materials you'll need:

About 2 yard ( 2 meters) of fabric  (find out your measurements before buying the fabric)
Appx 3/4 yard  (80 cm) of 1-inch (2.5cm) wide elastic.

What fabric you should use?

I used crape (crepe) fabric, but you can use almost any fabric for this type of skirt. The fabric to use depends on how you want the skirt to be, if it’s for summer or spring time you will need a soft lightweight fabric, and if it’s for autumn or winter time you’ll need a heavier fabric (heavy fabrics will make more drapes to your skirt than lighter weight fabrics, these ones will make your skirt look more bouncy).

Let’s get started…

OK, before making the pattern you have to know the measurements of your waist or your upper hips depending where you want to place the skirt and the length of the skirt!

To make the pattern you’ll have to draw two circles, the inner circle, radius = 1/6 of your waist or upper hips measure. And the outer circle, radius = the length of the skirt. Make sure to add  a hemline border on both circles appx 0.2 inches (0.50 cm) each one.

Time to cut…  Once you have the pattern drawn, cut it and place it on the fabric (folded in half), draw the borders of the pattern on the fabric and then cut the fabric along the lines. When you open up the fabric it will look like a donut shape! 

When you are done with the cutting sew the elastic waistband to the inner circle. 

Sew the outer circle with a serger or a zig zag stitch to finish it, and finally fold it and sew though the hemline. 

It will look like this:

And... voilá!!! you are ready to spin!! :)

Have fun sewing! :) 

Love, Sara


  1. So adorable & cute! And amazingly easy! Thanks for the tutorial! Now I know my next project!

    I'm your newest follower! Follow me back?!

    Much Love!

    1. I was following you already! Thank you for checking out my blog! Take care! :o)

  2. Tia yo tampoco sabía que lo tenias!!! Yo lo he hecho con una amiga, que hemos creado una marca de camisetas. Por cierto,alomejor el año que viene me voy a valencia a hacer tmb diseño de moda :)

    1. siii?? que guayy! pues nos veremos por los pasillos como hace años!! :P te gustará ya veras! :))

  3. That's amazing!! What a lovely DIY!!! You did a great job!

    PS. We’ve a $100 Giveaway to Vantage Point Vintage on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!


    1. Thank you so much!! I really love your outfits! you have a great inspirational blog! :)

  4. Lovely D.I.Y - might even try this myself!!

    Love your blog <3
    maybe we could follow one another?:)

    Sophie xx